The Team Expands


A current map of Two Brews contributor locations

We’ve been meaning to post this for a while. In an attempt to spread our footprint, there are a some new faces at Two Brews. So without further delay, meet the newest members of the team!


Samantha Williams

You most likely have already heard from Sam. She’s been the counterpart to Kris in Two Brews Northeast for many episodes.

Samantha hails from Southern NY, and moved to Upstate NY for college and never left. She currently lives in Port Henry with her husband, dog, and two cats. Being a historian and metalsmith, she loves all things handcrafted, and therefore looks for unique beers. She loves deep, rich beers; Porters are a favorite. She believes that chocolate is a food group, and is still searching for a decent chocolate beer, recommendations welcome.


John DiCarlo

Next up we have Mr. John Dicarlo! John came on board with Two Brews at the beginning of 2017.

John DiCarlo is originally from southwestern PA and now lives near Harrisburg with his three kids. He travels a great deal in search of good beer. The surging Craft Beer movement in PA means there is always a new brew pub to find and enjoy. His tastes are definitely to the darker side of beer styles; porter, stout, dark ales, but he’s willing to try an IPA or two. He loves talking and reading about beer, but mostly drinking it. John is looking forward to reporting his discoveries from the field on Two Brews.

And then there’s Scott.


Scott Barbick

Our newest Two Brews contributor, Scott likes to photograph his beer as much as he likes to home brew it. A native of Vermont, Scott currently resides in southern New Hampshire with his wife and child. Scott first became interested in home brewing in college but, being a starving student he didn’t have the funds to invest. Years later, after the craft beer craze in VT took off he finally invested and has been modifying his set up ever since. As a biologist he’s very interested in the science of brewing and building a homebrew system that creates a reproducible product.

So there you have it. Be sure to welcome these folks to the team when you interact with them. Here’s to good brews!


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